&quot;Holy Father Atristan, do you still see this sinner as your best student?&quot;<br />
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"Holy Father Atristan, do you still see this sinner as your best student?"

Request from Aliennaz.
Ok, lemme do my homework.
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  2. CrystalsoftheSkies
    are you sure you're 15

    because i legit thought you were 19-

    with the stunning artwork you make
  3. Wedran
    do you draw the backgrounds?
  4. Nexorn_
    No, I just took a real picture from google and edited with photoshop
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  5. Project
    Oh woah you're only 15? Your artwork is at an excellent and excelled start. Consider doing commission works! People used to pay me for my scribbled mess of an artstyle, so you'll undoubtedly attract people's attention!!!