A Softie at Heart.

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ANAPIELLELLEL Princess Nora 【エル・タンゴ・エゴイスタ】 EL・TANGO・EGOISTA Leilani in the sun Stella Moon Second try of Basic Design of Iroha 【ГЕНЕЗИС А】 GENESIS A A Softie at Heart. 2 years difference Hm :/ An Old OC(Felix) Chibi/Young Phoebe and Cameron 【ЭРИК # ВАГАНЗА】 ERICK # VAGANZA Guess Who It Is! =w= chibbb
  1. Phantom kitsu
    Phantom kitsu
    Damn..wish i could do are like this..
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  2. Peachie_Kat
    I like the coloring and shading-