An edit of Aviva the singer, and<br />
An entry for Lunime Instagram contest.<br />
Anyone know...
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An edit of Aviva the singer, and
An entry for Lunime Instagram contest.
Anyone know the popular meme song that was sung by Aviva?
  1. KawaiiJutcho
    I know, because I readed it from the post, but I am not giving the answer just in case.
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  2. W1Z4RD
  3. KawaiiJutcho
    Don't know. I really don't know how to edit. Maybe. I joined the previous contest, and I have 1 free spot for now, so okay.
  4. W1Z4RD
    Start practicing. Like I said, it requires an app/program. Maybe I can teach you-
  5. Laddi
    Grilled burgers
  6. W1Z4RD
    @Laddi Do you mean the song name or-
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  7. kawally