Made two quick little doodles and made them move-<br />
<br />
Apps used: <br />
-Cute Cut...
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Second try of Basic Design of Iroha 【ЗВЕЗДНЫЙ СВЕТ ✵ ГЕНЕЗИС】 STARLIGHT ✵ GENESIS 【斎藤】 SAITOU 【ГЕНЕЗИС А】 GENESIS A 【MONARCHA ✝ SACERDOTIS】 MONARCH ✝ PRIEST A Softie at Heart. 2 years difference Hm :/ An Old OC(Felix) Chibi/Young Phoebe and Cameron 【ЭРИК # ВАГАНЗА】 ERICK # VAGANZA Guess Who It Is! =w= chibbb ack My new oc! Babycakes!
Made two quick little doodles and made them move-

Apps used:
-Cute Cut Pro
-Ibis Paint
-GIF Shop
  1. galactic kitty
  2. galactic kitty
    galactic kitty
    thats your oc GB right?? ouo
  3. Bonnie x Foxy 12
    Bonnie x Foxy 12
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  4. W1Z4RD
    @galactic kitty nope, it's my oc's brother. ;w;
    I don't know if you can tell, but their eye colors are a bit different-
  5. Project
    Oh yay!!! I love gifys ^^
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  6. -Cookies4-
    Looks amazing
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