I need a break from owed art ;-;

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Green Melon Tea Dance- @Odyssea

*gives you two watermelon sticks dipped in thai green tea* Dance with me! >:3
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  2. Phantasm Project
    Phantasm Project
    Ok then *start to dance with two watermelon sticks dipped in thai green tea*
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  3. Odyssea
  4. Project
    what in the world XD
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  5. FandomTrash
    Why do I want to make my own gif of this and then post it on here and tag you XD
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  6. W1Z4RD
    *does the watermelon dance*
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  7. Echo Chan
    Echo Chan
    Great. Now I want ice cream and I don’t have any ;-;. Also, this sooooo cute! :0
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  8. Inquoisious
    This wonderful water melon dance caught my eye... 10/10
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  9. Odyssea
    Thank you~ (and sorry for the late response ;-; )