Modern Ami

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Me in a forest uwu Sneak Peak Character I made in a game Starline Kakuri Something new HIERO Modern Ami Ruby Does it look like she has 3 fingers.. Test Pride im so proud of this!! Kitsune Miko Trying new editing styles lavender
  1. Theis
    thicc thighs save lives
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  2. Taffy
    That some 10/10 thicc thighs right there
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  3. Fuzzball
    *claps* one of my favorites.
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  4. Kakuri
    woww she looks cool~
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  5. Damien the Summoner
    Damien the Summoner
    I almost thought this was one of my OC's. XD
    A great piece fixter, I like it!
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  6. Damien the Summoner
    Damien the Summoner
    Especially well done on the color and shading, very appealing to ms.
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  7. Project
    Oh wow!!! She's pretty... *drumrolls* Hot! -w- *rimshot*
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  8. Odyssea
    Nice artstyle btw, it looks more anime-ish~~ Keep it up!
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