My Corrupted Oc, I guess.

Yee I&#039;m back from..nvm.<br />
Any tips for drawing hands?
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Yee I'm back from..nvm.
Any tips for drawing hands?
  1. Taffy
    Keep practicing drawing hands
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  2. Kakuri
    the hands i think are fine for now, the first time i said this but you should focus on the face right now XD not saying its bad but everything else is same so start improving the facial features at many angles
    yeh this is a long paragraph.. sry if i sound rude ;-;
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  3. W1Z4RD
    It's okay. I was having a really hard time on the face anyways.
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  4. Project
    Here's a trick I use!

    Put so much detail in the head and torso that nobody even notices that you drew hands -w-

    no, but seriously, you can always practice with online references of hands in certain positions. If you want to, you can even use your own hand as a reference.
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  5. Kakuri
    yes references are actually surprisingly helpful just use ur own hand if you cant find the right photo
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  6. W1Z4RD
    Yeah, I usually do that, but it's still hard.
  7. Kakuri
    yeah it is XD ya just gotta get used to why things look the way they are
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