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Happy Pride Month! FuuKuma Art! Me in a forest uwu Sneak Peak Character I made in a game Starline Kakuri Something new HIERO Modern Ami Ruby Does it look like she has 3 fingers.. Test Pride im so proud of this!! Kitsune Miko
Is this weird or cool?
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  2. Damien the Summoner
    Damien the Summoner
    I would say cool! I like what you did with the shading especially.
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  3. Odyssea
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  4. Galaxy cute Paw
  5. Galaxy cute Paw
    Galaxy cute Paw
    is this ayano from yan sim?
  6. W1Z4RD
    No. But it does look like her, lol. Just a random person I made up.
  7. Galaxy cute Paw
  8. W1Z4RD
    If it was her, I would've made her way more evil.
  9. Galaxy cute Paw
    Galaxy cute Paw
    Well, like in her lost sanity mode or like blood and knife?
  10. W1Z4RD
    A bit of both.
  11. Galaxy cute Paw
    Galaxy cute Paw
    Also forgot to add, in love sick mode?