Saltclypedia II: Verde Vodlins Explained

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    Verilo - “I really wish that I met a Verde Vodlin... I want to know how such small creatures can be smart enough and have the power to make all that technology... Oh and by the way, some Verde Engineers are using that Verde Vodlin Technology.”


    The Vodlins are a Sub-Race of the Verdes. Unfortunately, the Vodlins are extinct (Which almost all the Verdes believe so) but have revolutionized the Verde technology. During the colorizing of the Pentos, when the Vodlins were created, they were given the intelligence unlike any other. They created huge machines and robots, making energy a weapon, and have created armor that is immune to fire and ice (Although the armor has never been found). The reason that these Voldins are extinct is because of the other Pentos, the main one is the Rojo Berserkers which are a Sub-Race of the Rojos. The Berzerkers have killed many Vodlins that they were forced to be inside caves. Unfortunately, the Voldins didn’t have enough food to last long and the ones that did leave the cave were killed by either the Berzerkers or other monsters. They may have been extinct, but they are not forgotten and neither are their technology.

    The Vodlins are quite small people, they are as half the size of an average size Verde.
    Size Comparison

    And they are pretty weak, their construction required some beasts that they were able to tame. And their body may not be fragile but they can get broken real easily by iron. However, there is only one Vodlin that commands all the other Vodlin and is much stronger and way more intelligent. That Vodlin is called “The Green”
    The Green is chosen by which Vodlin has the best Intelligence and the best strength. Once The Green is picked, he or she has the responsibility to keep the Vodlins alive at all times. They would get a huge power and intelligence boost when chosen and would know how to build everything.

    So these Vodlins may be extinct and they may have been pretty weak compare to the other Pentos. But without them, the Verdes wouldn’t be where they are at...

    Other Facts: All Vodlins have of kinda high pitched and raspy voice, when they scream it sounds like a squeaky toy. There has been a theory that ONE Vodlin is still alive, but that remains to still be a theory. And this is what a female Vodlin looks like: